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Finding real estate investment opportunities has never been easier! Whether you're looking for your first deal, or you're a seasoned investor, getting in front of an opportunity quickly can be critical to your success. Our tried-and-true system at Mom & Son Buy Homes ensures just that. By placing investment opportunities at your fingertips, you'll see deals before your competition, providing you with a strategic advantage over other investors.

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We Source All Types Of Properties So You Can Diversify Your Portfolio

Single Family

If you're in search of the perfect single-family home, look no further! At Mom & Son Buy Homes, we specialize in connecting investors with prime single-family properties. Whether you're seeking a cozy starter home or a lucrative fix-and-flip opportunity, we have a diverse portfolio to meet your needs. Explore our single-family listings and let us guide you towards your next real estate success.


Unlock the potential of multi-family investing with Mom & Son Buy Homes. Our curated selection of multi-family properties offers investors a chance to maximize returns and build a robust portfolio. From duplexes to apartment complexes, we source properties that align with your investment goals. Discover the advantages of multi-family real estate and partner with us to secure your financial future.


Investing in land provides a foundation for future success, and at Mom & Son Buy Homes, we have the ideal parcels for your portfolio. Whether you're envisioning a residential development, commercial project, or agricultural venture, our land listings offer diverse opportunities. Explore the potential of raw land investments with us, and let our expertise guide you towards strategic acquisitions and profitable ventures.

Our Process

Step 1: Find Your Ideal Property

Search through our list of properties and decide which one best fits your buying criteria.

Step 2: Submit An Offer

Once you've decided on a property, reach out and submit your offer.

(It's first come first serve at our asking price. We don't do bidding wars!)

Step 3: Offer Gets Accepted

Once your offer is accepted, we'll send you a contract to e-sign. Earnest Money Deposit is due after ratification.

Step 4: Escrow

The Title Company will confirm there are no issues with title. They will also coordinate times to schedule closing.

Step 5: Close The Deal

After all the parties have signed, and the Title Company has received your funds, the funds will disburse and the deal is officially yours!

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